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MEZODERM sp. z o. o. is a company operating in Poland, Central Europe.

MEZODERM is a distributor of few European brands on Polish market: Mesotech mesotherapy cocktails, Overage HA fillers, easyPRP (Platelet Rich Plasma sets), MezoPharma HYAL mesotherapy cocktails, MezoPharma PEEL chemical peelings, Lumiderm diode lasers and many more. We have sales representatives and sub-distributors in whole Poland.

We also provides courses of Chemical Skin Peeling, Mesotherapy, Carboxytherapy and HA fillers. These trainings and courses are addressed to Polish cosmetologists and doctors. We have a lot of experience and we've trained thousands of customers during last few years.

If You have any questions or an interesting distribution offer, e-mail us in English or Polish on: